You are welcome to download our 2020 Spring catalog. 

This is the most signicant update in the last 2 years. Here are main updates: 

- A complete line of 4K Smart IP Cameras

- Introduced 4MP ColorVu IP Camera

HINO 4MP ColorVu IP Camera

- Introduced the most competitive Bi-Spectrum Thermal IP Cameras featuring image fusion and built-in strobe light & audio alarm, perfect for fire prevention and perimeter detection. 

HINO Bi-Spectrum Thermal IP Camera

- New 16MP 4-lens 180° Panoramic Dome Camera with Video Stitching

HINO Multi-imager panoramic camera IPC7PT6944

- New 20MP Multi-imager Panoramic IP Camera, 4 flexible Lens in One Track, each lens supports 2.8-12mm Motorized zoom, Pan/Tilt Adjustable

HINO Multi-imager Panoramic IP Camera - IPC7PT6D54

- New generation ANPR Camera with built-in LPR recognition, lens option of 8-32mm, 3.8-16mm. Optional protection enclosure. 

HINO ANPR Camera with built-in License Plate Recognition

- Complete Facial Recognition Solutions, including Facial Recognition IP Cameras, Face Capture Cameras, Face Recognition NVR and Facial Recognition Access Terminals. 

HINO Facial Recognition Camera and Face Capture NVR

- HINO GO 4G LTE IP PTZ Camera and optional fully integrated Solar Power Battery System. 

HINO GO 4G PTZ Camera and Solar Power System

- Ubiquiti Wireless Device

Ubiquiti Wireless device

- New POE & EOC Hybrid Swtich and 8 port industrial POE switch with wide working temperature. 

HINO POE & EOC Hybrid Switch

8 port Industrial POE Switch

- New Live Streaming PTZ Camera working directly with YouTube and Facebook Live. 

HINO Live Streaming PTZ Camera