LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are widely used in entrance/exits, parking lots and road traffic to capture & recognize license plates.

We pride ourselves in a complete and fully integrated LPR system, including multiple LPR cameras, Nayota-LPR (an edge gateway to retrieve license plates from LPR cameras and upload them to cloud), IOT-R4G (an unique 4G router designed for LPR cameras), and intuitive centralized Nayota LPR cloud. Linovision LPR solution features high accuracy recognition, flexible deployments, cloud access and affordable price.

Solution Introduction

LPR solution diagram

Key Updates in 2020Q3

  • Newly cameras were released
    • IPC7A27-ANPR - Latest ANPR camera supports Vehicle attributes recognition, including license plate, make, model and color
    • IPC7V300-A6I (11-40mm) - ANPR camera for checkpoint / highway application (recognize license plate from vehicles at up to 155m/h)
  • New Nayota-LPR Box
    • Edge gateway that working with up to 16 license plate cameras
    • Retrieve license plates from LPR cameras, store them locally and upload to the Cloud. 
    • Local WEB GUI for device management, whitelist /blacklist.
    • Optional 4G LTE/WiFi module for wireless transmission.
  • IOT-R4G
    • Custom designed 4G LTE/WiFi Router working with LPR cameras
    • Different versions for different telecom operators around the world.
  • New Nayota Cloud
    • Centralized License plates management cloud that based on Amazon AWS in the United States. 
    • Optional IOT sensors management from ModBus, Lora ,LoraWan, NB-IOT, etc.
    • Multiple LPR cameras/Nayota-LPR box/Organizations/Users Management.
    • Setup and and manage Whitelist/blacklist and apply to LPR cameras.
    • Intuitive GUI interface, custom report.

Some Screenshots of Nayota Cloud

Nayota Cloud Screenshot 1

Nayota Cloud Screenshot 2

Nayota Cloud Screenshot 3

4 Recommended LPR Cameras

Access Control Integration with Video Intercom

LPR camera solution with video intercom integration


1. Double check: ANPR camera recognizes the license plate and sends the corresponding card number to IP terminal, then IP terminal compares the card number with driver’s card. IP terminal sends a signal to the ANPR camera to open the barrier after successful comparison.
2. The driver can dial the control center through IP terminal to open the barrier.

LPR System with Access Controller Integration

ANPR camera with Access Controller Integration


1. Associating the license plates with numbers in ANPR camera, and configuring the permissions and access times of numbers in access control host.
2. The ANPR camera recognizes the license plate and sends the corresponding number to the access control host.

3. The access control host decides whether to open the door or not according to its configurations.

CheckPoint Application with Speed Camera

ANPR camera for checkpoint and highway speed camera

Highway speed camera with License plate recognition