HINO Released 4G Solar Power Camera Systems

Solar powered security camera systems enable 24/7 remotely live monitoring for sites even without grid power and wired internet. Linovision provides a variety of solar powered security camera systems, featuring commercial performance, affordable and easy to use. These solar power camera systems have been widely deployed in construction site, farms, hotels, ranch houses, barns, warehouse, etc.

HINO 4G Solar Power Camera Systems

Commercial Grade Quality

•Designed for industrial applications
•Ultra HD image quality
•Live video monitoring and playback
•Free mobile App and WEB access
•Custom integration and branding

Easy to Use

•Installation without expertise
•Easy to setup
•Pre-configuration provided
•Pre-installed SIM card (Optional)
US local + Global technical support


•Affordable price
•No hiding fees
•No contract required
•Free cloud access
•Free mobile App

Selection Guide

Please download the latest catalog from this link.