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Here at HINO, I’d like you to find some interesting products, and more importantly, find a reliable and professional team you can place your trust in, hold the same understanding of the industry, and start building a long-term win-win partnership.

HINO’s mission and passion is to design and distribute intelligent video solutions to empower the IOT (Internet of Things) industry.

We focus on video related products, and integrate solutions to develop different applications, including video surveillance, video broadcasting and video conferencing systems.

We stock and distribute all of our products at a super competitive price, but we do not want to be just a box-mover. Every day we are trying our best to bring extra value to our customers and to the industry. I started this business 12 years ago by developing PC based DVR/NVR software to be working with the world’s leading video capture cards and IP cameras. Our company has the gene of technology from the very start. We continue to adopt the latest technologies and we hope our products will help improve the safety and quality of life.

We are embracing the emerging IOT world features with AI video, Cloud platform and 4G/5G wireless access. We firmly believe that video, audio, IOT data (from temperature/humidity/pressure sensors, etc), device data (from POS cash registers, readers, etc) and internet data should combine together, do big data processing and analyze the inside relations. This kind of video & IOT data processing will definitely bring much more value to our customers. It is our passion to do this.

HINO is not a big company, but we know what we should do, and what we should not do. We are partnering with our customers, instead of competing with our customers, to help you build solid solutions and develop more business. We’d like to become your reliable and professional partner to grow your business.

We are also a very young and dynamic team. Your suggestions are always appreciated!

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