• Aluminum alloy material with surface spray treatment
  • The outlet hole makes the feature looks better Better water proof design
  • Convenient installation coordinating with lower bowl
  • Dimension Φ140×182×120mm 140B
  • Compatible with the following cameras: DS-2CE56D5T-(A)VPIR3, DS-2CE56D5T-AVPIR3Z(H), DS-2CE56D1T-(A)VPIR3(Z), DS-2CE56C5T-(A)VPIR3, DS-2CE56D7T-(A)VPIT3Z, DS-2CE56D8T-(A)VPIT3Z/VPIT3ZE, DS-2CC52D9T-AVPIT3ZE, DS-2CE56D0T-VPIR3E, DS-2CE56F7T-(A)VPIT3Z, DS-2CE56H0T-(A)VPIT3ZF/VPIT3ZE, DS-2CE56H1T-(A)VPIT3Z, DS-2CE56H1T-(A)VPIT3ZE, DS-2CE56H5T-(A)VPIT3Z, DS-2CE56H5T-VPIT3ZE, DS-2CE59U8T-(A)VPIT3Z

DS-1273ZJ-140B (286KB)


SKU: DS-1273ZJ-140B

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