FSS-FRL7T is a non-contact access control terminal featuring precise Face Recognition plus Temperature Measurement. It is perfect to be bundled with electrical lock or turnstile to control door access by identifying individuals with elevated body temperature or not wearing a mask. This system has been widely used in corporate buildings, construction sites, hospitals, warehouse and logistics facilities.

  • Fever Warning, Mask Detection
  • Non‐contact forehead temperature detection to prevent cross‐infection
  • Temperature detection distance 0.5‐1m, 0.75m is best, temperature error range ±0.3°C
  • Support data output and management: complete face capture, recognition, temperature records
  • Face recognition distance: 0.5‐2.2m; Recognition Speed/Accuracy: 200ms, 99.5%
  • Face database 30,000pcs
  • Aircraft‐grade aluminum and 7 inch ISP LCD screen 1024*600
  • Support Integration with electrical lock and turnstile
 FSS-FRL7T (257.4KB)

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