This solution is a Thermal + Optical Bi-Spectrum camera system designed for non-contact temperature monitoring. The temperature measurement accuracy can be as low as ±0.3℃ when working with Blackbody (temperature calibration device). In the last 3 months, this system has been widely deployed in airports, commercial buildings and public transportation stations from tens of countries. It was proved as an efficient non-contact tool to identifying individuals with elevated body temperature from a distance of 6 meters away.

  • High measurement accuracy: ±0.3°C (±0.54°F) when working with Blackbody (calibration device)
  • Thermal resolution: 384 x 288px, 13mm Lens

  • Fast screening without personal contact
  • Monitoring of multiple people at the same time for greater efficiency
  • Face detection and display measurement result on screen
  • Built-in Facial recognition
  • Built-in people counting for flow control
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