$699.00 USD

Nayota IoT Box is a versatile IoT gateway for the integration, management and visualization of IoT data and camera videos.

Device Integration
• Access and manage a large variety of IoT sensors, RS485 to network converters and Http device, such as network cameras and web service.
• Custom integration protocols (extra fee maybe applied)

Data Management
• Custom alerts based on IoT data and camera video (for example, email a camera snapshot when the temperature is over 100 ℉)
• Device group management
• Flexible data calculation based on raw data and formulas.
• Define actions on customized events

Data Visualization
• Visualize IoT data by charts and tables
• Custom screen display for IoT data and camera videos

System Features
• WEB access with intuitive GUI
• Working independently even without internet access.
• Optional cloud access for centralized management from different sites
• Support remote VPN access, much easier for remote configuration
• Optional Lora, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, 4G LTE transmission

Factories, warehouse, greenhouse, smart building, and any other places that require centralized management of IoT sensor sand camera videos.

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