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  • Newly Upgraded ANPR License Plate Recognition Cameras and Cloud Solution is ready
    Newly Upgraded ANPR License Plate Recognition Cameras and Cloud  Solution is ready

    LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are widely used in entrance/exits, parking lots and road traffic to capture & recognize license plates.

    We pride ourselves in a complete and fully integrated LPR system, including multiple LPR cameras, Nayota-LPR (an edge gateway to retrieve license plates from LPR cameras and upload them to cloud), IOT-R4G (an unique 4G router designed for LPR cameras), and intuitive centralized Nayota LPR cloud. Linovision LPR solution features high accuracy recognition, flexible deployments, cloud access and affordable price.

    Key Updates in 2020Q3

    • Newly cameras were released
    • New Nayota-LPR Box
    • IOT-R4G
    • New Nayota Cloud
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  • 2020 Spring Catalog is ready
    2020 Spring Catalog is ready

    HINO 2020 Spring Catalog is ready to download. This is the most signicant update in the last 2 years. Here are main updates: 
    - A complete line of 4K Smart IP Cameras
    - Introduced 4MP ColorVu IP Camera
    - Introduced the most competitive Bi-Spectrum Thermal IP Cameras featuring image fusion and built-in strobe light & audio alarm, perfect for fire prevention and perimeter detection. 
    - New 16MP 4-lens 180° Panoramic Dome Camera with Video Stitching
    - New 20MP Multi-imager Panoramic IP Camera, 4 flexible Lens in One Track, each lens supports 2.8-12mm Motorized zoom, Pan/Tilt Adjustable
    - New generation ANPR Camera with built-in LPR recognition, lens option of 8-32mm, 3.8-16mm. Optional protection enclosure. 
    - HINO GO 4G LTE IP PTZ Camera and optional fully integrated Solar Power Battery System. 

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  • Introducing 2019 New ANPR Camera Powered by Deep Learning Technology
    Introducing 2019 New ANPR Camera Powered by Deep Learning Technology

    ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) camera is designed to capture and recognize license plate and then integrate with smart NVR, VMS software or parking management systems. It is widely used in entrance / exit of gas stations, parking lots, raod traffice, etc. 

    We are glad to release our 2019 New ANPR camera with built-in license plate recognition software - IPC7A26-ANPR. The biggest improvement is revolutionary high recognition rate powered by the latest deep learning technology. With deep learning technology, the reconigtion will not be interferenced by pedestrian's clothing, billboard, characters on vehicle, etc. 

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  • IP Transmission Solution
    IP Transmission Solution

    IP transmission system plays a critical role in IP video surveillance system, while majority of devices are TCP/IP enabled. There are two most common challenges that many installers face up with. One is to transmit IP camera video (and power) over existing coaxial cables (RG59/RG6), one is to extend transmission distance or just simplify cabling. HINO has two wonderful products that help you solve these issues.

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  • Greetings from HINO
    Greetings from HINO

    Thanks for visiting our website.

    Here I’d like you find some interesting products, and more importantly, find a reliable and professional team you can place trust in, holding the same understanding of the industry, and start building a long-term win-win cooperation.

    HINO’s mission and passion is to design and distribute intelligent video solutions to empower the IOT (Internet of Things) industry.

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