$379.00 USD

  • Industrial 8 ports full gigabit PoE switch
  • Provide 4 POE++ ports with BT90W PoE output, total PoE budget is 360W
  • L2 PoE management with WEB GUI / CLI / SNMP
  • Support PoE Control (PoE power monitoring, turn On/Off PoE)
  • Support Q-PoE (Quick PoE) technology, which enables PoE power supply immediately upon switch startup without waiting for switch system software control.
  • Support P-PoE (Perpetual PoE) technology, which enables PoE power supply without interruption when the switch is restarting and restores the network quickly.


  • Offer 4 BT 90W PoE ports, which can be used for PoE monitor, PoE lighting, IP PTZ camera, IP speaker, IP phone, etc. 
  • Working with 90W PoE splitter to offer 2 ports DC power outputs.
  • Suitable for harsh environments such as factory, refinery and traffic light control box. 
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