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  • Aluminium alloy material with a surface spray treatment
  • Exquisite cable entrance design
  • Waterproof rubber blanket for outdoor application
  • Convenient installation coordinating with adaptor
  • Compatible with the following cameras: DS-2CD21xxFWD-IS, DS-2CD21x5FWD-I, DS-2CD21x2Fxx-I, DS-2CD21x2F-IWS, DS-2CE56D1T-VPIR, DS-2CE56F7T-VPIT, DS-2CE56F7T-IT3
  • Compatible with DS-2CD2142, DS-2CC51D3, DS-2CC52x, DS-2CD2112, DS-2CD2122, DS-2CD2125, DS-2CD213x, DS-2CD2142, DS-2CD2152, DS-2CD2155, DS-2CE56x, H45, H55, H85, AC334-OD, AC335-OD, NV743MF-IR, NV744MF-IR, CMIP7442, CMHD73T2x, CMHD7352x, CMHD7322x, CMHD7422, CMIP7352W, CMIP7382W, CMIP7452, CMIP7422, CMIP3432, CMIP7432, CMIP3412, CMIP7412, LTB342-110, KNC-p4DR4IR, KN-C-p3DR4IR, WL-IC8D, WL-IC5D, WL-IC2D, WL-IC4D, I61FC, HNC304, HNC305, HNC324, HNC325, HNC328 
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