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POE-Extender04 is a hardened passive 4-port POE extender with total 90W POE budget and Gigabit uplink. It can be used to provide power to 4 POE devices (like IP cameras or VoIP hones) with just one POE network cable.

Outstanding Features:

• Extend POE Distance upto 820ft
With Long distance POE mode enabled, it will extend POE transmission distance by 820ft.
• Four PoE Output
This is pretty useful when there are more than one PoE devices in a location, this eliminates the expense to run another ethernet cable.
• Plug-n-Play
There is no configuration is required and no power supply is required at the device side.
• Total 90W POE Budget
Port 1 ≤ 90 W (for PTZ camera, POE LEDs), Port 2-4 ≤ 30 W, Full load ≤ 90 W
• POE Watchdog
It is monitoring the health status of POE device and will automatically reboot POE device (like IP cameras) when it is freezing.
• Industrial Design for Harsh Environment
It supports wide working temperature of –30 °C to +65 °C (-22 ℉ to 149 ℉), full metal enclosure and DIN rail mount


Extend PoE distance and add extra PoE ports for IP security cameras, Wireless Access Points, PoE lighting, Information machine, IP intercoms, Security card readers, Access Controllers.

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