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  • 【IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION】 Due to the signal attenuation, cable quality, PoE mode A/B mis-match or insufficient PoE budget from PoE Supply Units (very common in PoE NVR), our EOC Receiver and EOC-Transmitter may not be powered on. In this situation. Use LINOVISION Mini Passive 2 port PoE Extender, which acts as a PoE booster and PoE mode A/B converter perfectly solve these problems.
  • 【MODE A/B POE CONVERTER】 Connect LINOVISION Mini Passive 2 port POE Extender as a POE Booster and PoE mode A/B converter between POE Switch/NVR and EOC Receiver, you will get a stronger signal and compatible with Mode A & Mode B PoE.
  • 【PoE & IP OVER COAX CONVERTER】LINOVISION’s POE IP Over Coax converter can be used to upgrade analog system to IP surveillance system while using existing coaxial cable. Compatible with RG59, RG6, RG11 cables. Supports POE standards 802.3af (PoE) and 802.3at (PoE+). EOC Receiver MUST be powered by POE switch or POE injector while Transmitter should be connected with POE devices or NON-POE devices
  • 【POE & IP OVER TWIST PAIR CONVERTER】 Each pair of EOC(Ethernet over Coax) Converter is equipped with 2 BNC to Twist Pair connectors, which enables POE over Twist Pair transmission. 100Mbps bandwidth over 330ft regular twist pair cables while 10Mbps over 1485ft for both POE or NON-POE devices. It’s ideal for the CCTV system in elevator cart.
  • 【POINT TO POINT CONNECTION ONLY】Act as MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) in point-to-point connection, transmit video/audio/data/control signal over coaxial cable, so as being used with twist pair. EOC Receiver should be powered by POE switch or POE injector while Transmitter should be connected with POE devices or NON-POE devices.
  • 【PASSIVER 2-PORTS POE SPLITTER】LINOVISION 2 ports POE extender is designed to supply POE power to two POE devices through one Cat5/6 cable, and no power adapter is required. It is powered by PoE devices (48V or 53V PoE Switch/PoE NVR/PoE Injector/Mid-span). With this POE splitter, the cabling cost can be dramatically reduced. Moreover, users can easily add extra POE device (like IP cameras,or IP phones) to existing POE cable without running a new cable.
  • 【UP TO 1,000FT POE + DATA EXTENTION】Extra 330ft POE+Data transmission will be extended with one LINOVISION POE Extender. And it supports two levels cascade deployment, therefore total 1,000ft POE + Data transmission is provided. (The 2nd POE Extender’s POE Input should be connected to the 1st POE Extender’s Out port, not Camera port)
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